If you’re in a solid, long-term love relationship, you know how challenging it can sometimes be to keep the romance going. After the newness of a relationship passes, it’s all too easy to become complacent. You might even feel your passion waning. Do you long for those exciting feelings again?

The good news is that you still have many ways to fan the flames of romance and keep your passion ablaze!

This book covers the most important elements of re-kindling your romance and keeping the fire burning throughout a long and happy love life together.


You’ll discover how to:

  • Create more sparks by “courting” each other
  • Avoid arguments with effective communication
  • Draw closer together by learning more about your partner
  • Enhance your romance by openly sharing your feelings
  • Understand and increase your intimacy
  • Keep the fires of romance burning with your body language
  • Turn your relationship into a passionate, ongoing love affair

If you read this book with an open mind and take action to incorporate these tips into your everyday life, you’ll find yourself enjoying a relationship full of romance.


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