Financial and Mind Empowerment

Generate Unlimiate Passive Income through this unprecedented platform dedicated to financial and mind empowerment.

What Smart Choice International can do for you

If you desire to generate Unlimited Passive Income on Autopilot, enough to achieve financial freedom, then Smart Choice International is your best bet! Smart Choice International is a community of smart people who are committed to helping each other achieve financial freedom by leveraging the power of the internet to meet their basic and immediate financial needs or obligations. Join today and let us show you the path to financial freedom and a happy life!

Mind Empowerment Resources

You get free access to  Brand New Self Help Products spanning Self Help, Health, Personal Development, Time Management, Goal Achievement, Mental and Physical Health, Conscious Living etc every week, plus lots more….

Financial Empowerment Platform

Smart Choice International offers you the opportunity to generate unlimited passive income through its unprecedented referral marketing program.

Marketing Materials

We give you access to marketing materials and support tools (banners, text, flyers, solo ads etc) required to promote and advertise your business.

Replicating Website

As a member, you have access to a personal website, where you can promote and refer people to your business. It gives you complete control of your business

Owned Business

SCI gives you the opportunity to own your business and increase your chances of generating unlimited passive income.

Ewallet System

Our Ewallet System gives you access to accumulate your earnings in an account where you have full control of your money.


Our Payout System allows you to request payment upon attaining the minimum threshold. Payment is automatically paid into your selected platform (PERFECT MONEY or PAYZA)

Ultimate Success Package

Upgrade your membership status and automatically have access to our unique Ultimate Success Package, positioned to empower your mind.

Team Work

We have the best features that allows you build a strong team that is committed to a common course.

The Ultimate Success System-Financial and Mind Empowerment

We are committed to ensuring that you achieve financial independence as well as personal development

Trust us to be your sure guide to a financial and fulfilled life 

Smart Choice International is committed to helping you live and attaining your dream life of financial independence, success, wellness and personal development.

The Ultimate Sucess System

Exclusive to our members only- Access to Life and Mind transforming Personal Development, Success Tips, Action Guides, Reflections and other coaching programs.


Unlimited Passive Income

Smart Choice International is the only online platform that allows you generate Unlimited Passive Income through a referral program that is unprecedented.

Owned Business

We also give you the opportunity to own your business, through our affiliate marketing program that allows you earn more money through sales generated from our store.


Smart Choice International is the most reliable source of generating passive income, considering our commitment to helping you achieve financial and mind empowerment.

How it Works

The Guaranteed Roadmap to Financial and Mind Empowerment

Smart Choice International is a Social Affiliate Marketing program poised to help its members generate unlimited passive income on autopilot by leveraging the power of the internet to become financially independent and successful in life


   ◦     It is absolutely FREE to become a member of Smart Choice International, but to get full benefit it offers, FREE members are required to get their account activated. Register FREE and become ACTIVATED with just $15 to start enjoying the benefit. Once you have registered FREE, you can log into your account and click on the UPGRADE link to get your account activated.


   ◦     Our referral program pays an INSTANT 40% commission into your ewallat. This new member becomes your customer for LIVE! Because, you will earn a life time commission on all their purchases, thus meaning that you get paid every other month on autopilot. 


   ◦     You also get paid extra 15% commission for every member who joins SCI through your direct referral and additional 5-10% commission each on the effort of your downlines or direct referral up to 5 Levels Deep.


   ◦     You could also request a payout once your commission reaches $20. The money will be paid directly into your chosen merchant account (we use PERFECT MONEY)


   ◦     Smart Choice International operates an E-Wallet system, such that your commission is accumulated in your E-Wallet. You can use this money to register a new member, buy products or request for cash out...It’s your MONEY!


   ◦     Because SCI encourages team work, members have the opportunity to communicate with their down lines via email and share valuable success tips from time to time. Plus lots of marketing materials such as Flyers, Banners, Articles, Emails to help you grow your business

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